On A Sunny Cold Winter Day

After all the talking about the changes in the climate, the global warming and all the rain we had for many months we almost believed there would be now winter at all. But for the last few weeks it has been snowing and cold. On Wednesday, Feb 7, it was minus 25 C / – 13 F here in the south of Finland. Today, Feb 10, was an absolutely fantastic day. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky. No wind at all. Just minus 15 C / 5 F. I made a long nice walk with Canelo. We also did a short tour on the ice on the lake. There was a man with a drill making a hole to catch some fish. He told the ice is 30 cm thick. People were skating, skiing, walking. You could actually feel the sun was warm. In the morning the birch trees were really beautiful, they were glittering in the sun.


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