Christmas 2006

Weeks before Christmas, at work or when you meet someone on the street, the most common thing to discuss is will the Christmas be a white one. Well, hardly no snow here at Christmas 2006. The temperature is nice . . . about minus 2 – 4 degrees. Even if I miss the snow I still like it very much this way as it’s not slippery.

What a fool I was to believe Canelo would touch the Christmas tree ? He did not ! Neither him or the cats would touch it at all.

Here is the Christmas tree. It looks the same every year as we hardly ever buy any new decorations. Only next year I want some new ones. We absolutely need a new star in the top.

On December 25 we were invited to our “new” neighbors. They moved in couple of months ago. They had told us they love cats. Last Thursday the lady drove all the way and back to Tampere to have the cat home for Christmas. It is an absolutely adorable, wonderful, beautiful Ragdoll cat.

Yesterday evening, when I was out for a walk with Canelo, about 9:30 PM we saw A FOX ! ! We both stared, eyes wide open, at the fox running very, very fast just about 10 – 12 meters close to us. It was just under a street lamp so we were able to see it very clearly. When I told my hubby about it he said it was not a fox ! But . . . it sure was even if this was only the second time in my entire life I saw a wild fox I could recognize it very well. Then Canelo looked at me like saying; let’s run after him. I said no, no he’s already far away he was running so very fast.

Well . . about no one touching the Christmas tree. This morning, Thursday 28, my hubby went for a walk with Canelo at about 9:00 AM. I was reading e-mails. Then I heard something . . . must have been the other one of the cats trying to take some decoration from the tree. Then . . . bang ! I run to the living room . . . there was the tree on the floor . . . me and the two cats staring at it in disbelieve! What a mess. Decorations and needles all over. Water on the floor. Then the kitties sitting on the sofa table watching me cleaning it all up.


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2006

  1. Alice

    Hi Laura,
    Thank you Laura. Your lovely friendly comments always are making me smile and glad. Me and my family we all are OK. I\’m still on vacation 🙂 it\’s wonderful. All the best to you and your family.
    Hug from Alice

  2. Hi, Alice,
       I have not visited here for a few days. How about you and your family? From the above words, I guess you are having a nice and exiting Christmas. 🙂
       I think cats must love the Christmas tree very much, so they kissed it…


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