Oh no ! I have been smitten by WEB SUDOKU ! At first when I heard about Sudoku I found it . . . well something I would ever never try do myself as I thought it stupid! I don’t know what made me write the word Sudoku on Google Search. The first hit gave me the site of millions of free web Sudokus. The average time solving the easy Sudoku is, it says, just under 6 minutes. I am on the easy ones. My first time, I think was 42 minutes. Probably I had never solved it without using the “How am I doing” button. You know I really am bad with numbers. Now I’m down to about 10 minutes (still using the how am I doing button heh-heh). Will I ever make it the average time ? ? Will I ever make it to the medium level ? Will I ever make it not using the How am I doing button ? Anyhow I don’t want to get too addicted to it so I decided to reduce the number Sudokus to max 3 per day.


3 thoughts on “WEB SUDOKU

  1. Aloha, Alice
      What is SUDOKU? Is it a kind of internet game or a match? It sounds rather attactive. Anyway, I think you will make it the average level, maybe you can be the best one through your hard working and effort.
       Good luch!


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