Only 3 weeks till Christmas

Only tree weeks to Christmas. Great thing is that I’m going to be on vacation from 21st of December and don’t have to go back to work until 22nd of January. Not that I don’t like my work but I love to be on vacation.

As Christmas is coming up I just couldn’t resist putting a Santa cap on Canelo. He is such a cutie to always go along with my more or less crazy ideas.

He’s so sweet ! See what I mean !

Also I today decorated a gingerbread cottage for Christmas. I burned my thumb on the sugar ! ! The cottage still needs a bit more decoration but I need to buy some more stuff in order to get it finished.

When our son was about 5 years old his Godmother, my sister in law, made him a b e a u t i f u l b i g gingerbread church. I can tell it really was amazingly beautiful. We were able to get the church, all in one piece, home after spending the Christmas Eve with them, brother/sister in law and my in laws. When we got up the next morning our then cat, Misse, had been up on the fridge and had it down on the floor ! ! ! We never told them what happened to the church . . so, if you guys happen to read this now, I hope we are forgiven after such a long time.


4 thoughts on “Only 3 weeks till Christmas

  1. Alice

    Hello Manu,Thank you for leaving the nice comment. I hope the cottage is good as we are going to eat it after the holidays..Merry Christmas to you and all the best for New Year 2007 !Alice

  2. Manuz

    Hello!!! I don\’t know how the gingerbread church was..but the cottage is very nice..and I think it\’s also very good!!!

  3. Alice

    Kiiiitos ! Kerettiinkin tuossa jo jutellakin messengerillä mutta Canelon kanssa kiitämme näin toistamiseen sinua ja Jamia. Teille myös ihanaa joulun odotusta. Saas muuten nähdä miten meillä onnistuu joulukuusen pitäminen tänä vuonna ? ! ?
    t. Alice ja Canelo

  4. Pauliiina

    Jami lähettää Canelolle ymmärtäväiset terveisensä =). Kaikkea sitä joutuu koira kestämäänkään.
    Mutta täytyy sanoa, että Canelon kuvat onnistuivat upeasti! Ja noin hieno hattukin! Ihanaa joulun odotusta teille kaikille!
    t. pulina ja jami


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