Monthly Archives: November 2006

Back in 1950’s

Today  I have been looking through some boxes with old pictures. I found some from the summer 1950. They are from my childhood home. I really don’t have many pictures from that time but these two were my whole world at the time. I lived here from 1950 to about 1964.


I think the girl in the picture is not me but my "cousin"Together with my foster parents taking my mom’s dad home after visiting us. I kind of remember this. One thing is for sure . . . the horse was named Pontus ! I never thought of my foster parents other than that they were my real parents. My goodness . . . how different things were back then ! Suddenly it feels like a hundred years ago ! Only I still feel very young 🙂

Canelo 6 Months

Already 6 Months !

So, I told Canelo, today we are going to take some pictures of you. OK . . . Canelo was watching me setting up camera, tripod, backgrounds, ribbon etc. etc. Finally everything’s OK. I told Canelo to jump up on the bed and do his best posing. He looked at me as I had lost my mind ! So I lifted him up on the bed. He jumpped down. We went on up and down for a good while. Then I got an idea ! ! Of course;  Dog Candies . . . yes. It worked out pretty well only I had to give him a lot of candies ! As soon as the candy was finnished he jumpped down. Well he wouldn’t hop up back so I had to lift him up every time. Hmm  . . 14 kg . . . good excercise or what ? 


Here are the pictures. He doesn’t exactly look like he found it very nice ~ probably just and just worth the amount of candies he got.

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Oh boy . .  I gotta try this out right away to see how it works ! It sounds very cool and promising. I think I’m going to like this. Also I want to check out if the cute picture will appear on my space. The flower dogs are absolutely adorable. Flower art at it’s best !I’m so anxious to know how it works so I just have to publish this immediately.

Yeah ! Just what I need. The "Check Spelling" Cause my spelling is bad !

Here is one more Flower Art picture. I wish I would be as creative and talented.

There are many more new issues I want to try out  so this is all for the moment.

       Aloha for now !

(I learned the Aloha from my friend who lived in Hawaii for many, many years. She now lives in California since couple of months.)

PS The photographer of the cute photos are unknown to me. They are pictures forwarded by friends to friends to friends all over the world . . I think