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Signing My Guest Book Or Leaving A Massage Will Make Me Happy !

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  1. Lisa

    Hej Alice! Trevligt att "råkas" igen! Jag har haft en längre paus nu – har inte varit inne på space sedan i våras – men tänkte återuppta dethär trevliga sättet att lära känna nya människor. Jag hoppas att du får en rikigt fin julhelg, tillsammans med din familj. Jag var inne och kikade på din resedagbok med fina bilder! Ha det så bra, hälsningar, Lisa.

  2. Alice

    Hello Li Xing,
    Thank you for your visit. So nice of you to visit and leave a message.
    Sending you all best wishes for a wonderful summer and welcome back soon.

  3. Alice

    Hei seikku,Kiva kun poikkesit sekä jätit käynnistäsi viestin. Ehdinkin jo käväistä ihailemassa tosi mukavat sivujasi. Tervetuloa toistekin vierailulle. Helteitä luvassa lähipäiviksi joten lämmintä kesää sinulle.

  4. Alice

    Liisa my precious friend,
    Thanks for popping in . . . I know you know everything I told you. I care so very much for you. I want you to be happy dear Liisa.
    Love&kisses your friend Alice 

  5. Alice

    Hello Hachiko – Camy,
    Thank you for visiting my space, signing my guestbook and for the very nice words about my space. I went over to visit your space and found out you are very interested in arts. Your art album is filled with so many beautiful "pictures".  I hope you will visit again and wish you a very nice summer.

  6. Liisa

    just wanted to say "mahalo" for your words..i do know all that you have told me..but when my heart and head argue, it is so wonderful to have a friend like you to "stabilize" me so i dont do anything crazy!
    hugs to you, peter and leif. i love you, too, my friend

  7. Hachiko

    Hello! Congratulations for Your beautiful and nice Space! Your foto are really pretty, and You really look a good person.. ^__^

  8. Alice

    Liiiisa my friend . . thanks for visiting and guess what . . . I made it the first one to sign in your guestbook : )

  9. Liisa

    ok, dear friend…i now have a guestbook too! hope you will come and be the first to sign in. dont have as many friends as you, but hopefully some people will come visit. hugs and aloha

  10. Steve

    Oh my gods, looking at your lovely pictures of Barcelona and Paris have brought a smile to my face. Buy looking at your pictures I felt that I was there.

  11. Jacques

    Having read your writings, I get that you are sick. Wish you speedy recovery. Except that, if only you should write more about the EuroVision Song Contest In Helsinki 2007. Glad to visit you! 

  12. Alice

    Oh dear, oh dear  . . .  MIka my friend . . . geeeez . . . Well, anyway I am glad you still there and still my friend . . . take care.

  13. Mika

    HI alice! I was very happy to read your italian message!! I was punished by my parents \’cos I wrote some bad things on my blog about a my prof. and he red them… so he tell this to my parents that ordered me to delete my blog… for a month I can\’t chatting..uff… ehh c\’est la vie mon amie!

  14. Alice

    Hello again,Thank you for coming back, to subscribe to my site and for the nice comment 🙂 I sure will subscribe to your interesting site and am looking forward, specially, to new pictures 🙂

  15. Steve

    Well, I am very delighted that I was invited back….I wish to express my happiness to see that you are well and the time that you have spent in building such a beautiful site. Please fell free to subscribe to my site as I’ve done the same on yours. Looking forward to you next blog!

  16. Alice

    Steve hi,Thank you for signing my guestbook. It was nice the star you clicked took you here. And thanks for the invitation to your space 🙂 I sure will come. Welcome back at anytime.Take care and have a nice spring  ~ Alice

  17. Steve

    Well what brought me to your blog were the stars that appear on the Updated Spaces. I wish to invite you to view my Windows Live Space. Please sign my guest book. I love to hear about where you live, cultural, and anything else that you can thank of.
    Steve Coutee

  18. Alice

    thanks for popping in for the hi . . . rained here yeasterday, also had thunder which is unusal for this early in the spring. today is sunshine but not very warm.take care dear

  19. Liisa

    just wanting to say hi…hope everything is OK…cold and rainy here..but that is OK, hear summer was really hot over here. not nice and balmy like kauai! take care

  20. Alice

    Hei Marjuskainen,Kuule, ei haittaa vaikka sama viesti on monena kertana. Niitähän on helppo poistaa. Voi miten tylsä jos sinulla vielä on joitain ongelmia sivujen kanssa. Auttasin mielelläni jos osasin 🙂 muuten en ole niin taitava näissä hommissa :(Hyvää viikonloppua ~ t. Alice

  21. Marja

    Outoa kun tuli taas kommentti kolmena vaikka klikkasin vain kerran. Ilmoitti että *palvelinvirhe, yritä uudelleen*. Päivitin sivun niin se kai vaikutti että tuli kolme samaa, mutta poistaahan voi ylimääräiset. Nykyisin on aika paljon ollut ongelmia sivujen kanssa 😦

  22. Liisa

    just wanted to say hi! have to work early tomorrow..catch you soon, i hope.
    hugs and aloha to leif..keep most for yourself

  23. Alice

    Liisa, mahalo nui loa, salamat ng marami, thank you very much. It was so cool to read your comments under the postcards and pictures from Philippines :)Guess what  . . . now I will go right the way to your space and the new pictures there,Alohas ~ Alice

  24. Liisa

    enjoyed your pictures, as usual !!! added some new pictures in my "family, friends" album…take care and talk to you soon.
    Aloha and hugs !!

  25. Alice

    Hello again :)Please don\’t worry about your English . . you are doing fine. Neither my mother tongue is English  . . . my English is FAR from perfect.Well . .  I sure will make new visits to your space  🙂

  26. Jacques

    I\’m so sorry for that. For my poor English, I can\’t express meself in ENglish well. Konwing your coming, I\’m very happy. If there is any time I like to visit you. Have a good day!

  27. Alice

    Hello Li Xin,Thank you for signing My Guest Book. It is always exciting to get new visitors. I made a visit at your place. As you can guess  . . . I wasn\’t able to understand anything but I enjoyed your nice pictures.I hope you will come back sometime. Have a nice spring.

  28. Alice

    G\’day to you too Sean and thank you so much for both visiting my little spot and for writing the nice words. I must say I\’m sure you could handle our winter better than I could ever handle any 45 degree summer. I sure will give Canelo a pat and tell him it comes from you all the way down from Australia.Welcome back and have a good summer !

  29. Sketch

    G\’day from Australia Alice! Visited your little spot you\’ve got here at random and I must say its very nice.(Love the dog) I like the photos as well, we don\’t get much snow down here. Beautiful.(Must be jolly cold but. Don\’t think I could handle that.) Average day here is between 30 to 45 degrees(During summer, Winter is usually in the 20\’s). Looks like fun though.
    Well, give the pup a pat for me and I hope to see you round. Don\’t have too much fun.
                                                                                                                                 Ciao Bella.

  30. Alice

    Terve MIka,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and telling me you like it.
    You took me by surprise by saying hi in finnish ! Also your e-mail addy contains a finnish word.  .  . interesting.
    Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog. I sure will . .  as soon as I will have the access 🙂
    Welcome back ~ Alice 

  31. Mika

    Terve Alice, I\’m an Italian girl and I wish to be your friend… Your blog is wonderful… my address is … I hope that you visit my blog… but it is in italian, sorry… write something… baci baci (kisses)… 😉

  32. Alice

    Hi Giulia,
    Oh how wonderful to receive such a nice message. Thank you Giulia. Please visit again. 
    I hope you at least will pop in back to see me sending you the best Season\’s Greatings.
    Kisses and bye 🙂

  33. giulia

    i don\’t speak english very well because i\’m italian but your blog is very wonderful compliments kiss and bye bye giulia from torino italy

  34. Alice

    Thank you for your visit and for commenting my space in such nice words.
    I went to have a look on your spaces which I found very cute.
    Wishing you good luck with everything in your life ~ alice

  35. Alla

         i luv ur pics..~~   i like living in that kind of life..“^-^
                  wish u a happy day..!!~~  4ever#

  36. Alice

    Hello Laura !
    How nice that you visited my space. Thank you so much for your lovely comment which made me so very glad. It is fantastic to hear that someone so far away, at the other side of the world, find my photos attractiv. You asked if you could copy some of my photos. It is OK by me. I just find it great that you like them. But I wish you will let people know where they come from and who\’s the "photographer" or "designer". Well  . . even though I am just a hobby photographer 🙂 I already "popped" into your space and saw your nice photos. The text I could not read as on my computer it just shows as small empty boxes and on the other hand I don\’t know how to talk your language. The other languages, you noticed, used me and by some of my friends are finnish and swedish. Wishing you and your family all the best. Warm regards from Finland ~Alice

  37. Hello! Alice,
       Your space is really wonderful. From your beautiful photos, I know you must like water, fresh air, trees, etc, and your hometown also looks like a fiaryland. Could I copy some of your photos to my space? For they strongly attrack me.
       Oh, I forget to introduce myself. I am Laura Yang, from China Beijing. And my Chinese name is 杨倩.
       I found that some of comments from your friends were written in other languages(not English, sorry I only can speak English and Chinese, so don\’t know what language it is.) 
      This is my e-mail address:, welcome you to send messages or e-mail to me. If you want to learn something about  China, I am really glad to show you something.
       Best wishes to your family(including your cute pet)
       Laura Yang

  38. Alice

    Hei Paullina,
    Kiitos. Miten mukava kuulla että pidät sivuistani. Onnea vaan omien sivujen kanssa. Jamikuvat ovat aivan ihastuttavat ja hauskat. Kiitti myös suussa sulavasta omenakakusta. Nam-nam.

  39. Pauliiina

    kyllä nämä sun sivut on niin kivat. tulee ihan hiki, kun yrittää saada omiaan edes alkuun =). Onneksi hiljaa hyvä tulee!


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