Lappland Beginning Of October 2006

For about 40 years I have wanted to go to Lappland at “ruskatime”. Ruska is the finnish word for all the colourfull colours in the nature in the fall. We have ruska in the south of Finland too but the ruska in Lappland is even more bright colours than here, they say. Also it would be the first time spending the nights in our motor home. Canelo, of course, was with us. Our son was taking care of Quam and Quismo.
Our first stop we made in Mikkeli. It’s about 230 km from Helsinki. There was a flee market on the market place. Leif found a copper coffee pot he had been looking for already for a long time. He also bought a cain ! It’s a home made cain made of juniper. Then we had lunch & coffee in our camper.

We stayed the night at the camper’s camper “Alatalo” near Kuopio. Kuopio is about 400 km

from Helsinki.


The view when having morning coffee in the camper. It must be very beautiful here in the


All day long the sky was as gray ! Before arriving to Kuusamo where we camped we saw

the first snow for the season.

The next day we saw many, many reindeers. Couple of times standing right in the middle of
the road.
Hill up !
Hill down !
Rovaniemi, Napapiiri Saari-tuvat camping. At this time of the year there were not many
campers. Rovaniemi is about 840 km from Helsinki.
Hubby & camper.
I wish we had made the tour a week earlier as then the wether had been very nice with
sunny days. But despite all  . . . it was worth all the driving.
The colour looked so nice. It was like large carpets all over.
Hups . . . the date should read 4.10.2006 !
On our way back home we visted Cattery of Dunderkatten’s Norwegian Forest Cats. Quam comes from Dunderkatten’s. It was so nice to meet Monica and Julia (5) and their absolutely beautiful cats. Julia really found our camper nice and would have wanted us to stay the night so she could have stayed the night with us in the camper. We already had promised our son to be back late in the evening so we just hit the road and did the about 500 km drive. If I had know how hard it was I guess we had stayed. The rain was pouring down and it was DARK. But arriving at home way after midnight I was happy we were back. Quam, Quismo and son all also were happy to have us back home.  

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