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Talking about Rod Stewart: ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’



Rod Stewart: ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’

MSN Music presents Rod Stewart live performing &qout;Have You Ever Seen The Rain" from his new album "Still the Same… Great Rock Classics of Our Time."


The link takes you to MSN Video. I love the Rod Stewart "Live From Time Square" concert. Only on MSN.

"Have Yuo Ever Seen The Rain" is one of my looong time favorites. I have had the CD CCR 35 Greatest hits forever for a very long. I love John Fogerty singin it. He gave a concert in "my home town" a few years ago and boy was it one of the best concerts I’v been to. 

Well once you click yourself to MSN Video you will find so many more videos to watch. I found several of my favorites . . . like Shania Twain, Willie Nelson and many more. I hope you’ll enjoy . .  I did.


On A Rainy Day In Turku

 Turku; an other town we had not been visiting for a very long time.  I was there with my boss and

colleagues two years ago. Then it really was raining cats and dogs ! But also today it was raining all



The Turku Castel is over 700 years old.  It is an tourist attraction and also today there were many tourists.

Canelo standing in the middle of colourful maple leafs.

Even if it’s already October 20 there are still so many beautiful flowers in the park.

We were both hungry and thirsty and The Harbour In actually looked very inviting.  Unfortunately you

cannot take your dog in with you so we decided to instead just have coffee and sandwitch "on the road"

Sunday Afternoon In Riihimäki

What a great day we had today visiting Riihimäki. We met my friend Pauliina (ex
colleague) and her wonderful golden retriever Jami. We had coffee in the camper
Pauliina brought with her a most delicious warm apple pie. Also she let I us have
the rest of it taken back home with us. Thank you dear !
Hello ! I’m Jami; hau-hau –  I’m Canelo, vov-vov . . . pleased to meet you.
We had fun together both of us were worn out after running like mad ones.
He is a so very, very handsome young boy.
After visiting the Hunting Museum we also went to visit the Glass Museum. There were so
many beautiful things. It made me happy to see a vase we had at home when I was a kid.


Legendariske Povel Ramel, 83, på unikt besök i Finland!
Finlandiahuset 14.10.2006 kl. 19:00
Arrangör W&T Comdy
Ursäkta mig W&T Comedy för att jga snöt bilden. Jag har inte för vana att ta
bilder från nätet men tyckte liksom att texten krävde en bild och denna är ju
pricken på i.
Sååå mycket har jag inte skrattat på jätte länge. Har ännu ont i kinderna. Jag måste
medge att jag faktiskt inte varit en Povel fan men efter att nu ha upplevt honom live
så skulle det vara trevligt att se sådant som var på TV på 60- 70- 80-talet. Jag var
väl inte mogen för hans humor då.