Daily Archives: September 17, 2006

Caravan 2006

Event for caravans
15.-17.9.2006 in Lahti Fair Centre

Already at first time in 2001, the event was the biggest caravan fair held in Finland alltogehter with over 200 motor homes, caravans and tents on display.

Today we went to Lahti to the Caravan 2006 exhibition. Oh my goodness . . . all the new motor homes were absolutely wonderful. Like five star hotels ! The driver’s seat and the instrument panel look like the cockpit in an airplane !

I hope our 18 year old one will keep going for some more years and then we will trade it to a more modern one.


Compared to this little thing, at the parking of the exhibition, I would say our motor home is comfortable.


It’s definitely just for one person as you can see. One seat, one bed. In the end of the

60’s the owner has made it all the way to Africa in this.

Scramble Weekend In Hyvinkää 16.9.2006

Canelo usually is not afraid of other dogs at all. On the contrary he is the one to start a “conversation”.

But this one he thought way to big and above all way toooo enthusiastic ! 

 My hubby loves the smell and the sound of the bikes. He never has been driving himself. Our son has and
still does sometimes. Canelo and I enjoyed ourselves strolling around as it was a bright and sunny, bit
chilly, nice day. I actually can enjoy myself mostly anywhere as long as I have my camera with me.
The drivers in the pictures, I must admit, I don’t know who they are.