Daily Archives: September 9, 2006

At The Vet Again !

Again at the vet. For an other vaccination and
regular check up.The vet is nice and Canelo is
really feeling very comfortable with him.
Nice teeth Canelo. You’v done a good job brushing them
Good strong heartbeat too.

The Home At Home

At Home !

We thought we’d make just a short trip. It tourned out to be about 150 km ! Canelo was with us and we were happy to note it was like he’d been in a motorhome always. I had planned to shoot some really nice pictures with the sea in the background and also some beautiful colourful trees. But the rain was pouring down and didn’t stop, till we, on the way back, visited some very good friends of ours. Rose (not in the pict), who is a most lovely lady, brough us coffee and buns she’d made herself.