This is going to be our home on the road ! I truly ever never had thought
of having a "motorhome". Suddenly the idea hit that it could be nice. It
was not hard at all to get my husband interested in the idea. Actually he
bought the idea instantly. My goodness, here we are, in less than a
week, the car is going to be ours !


The car is, of course, an old one that has run already thousands of kilometers.

Cannot but hope and pray it will still be going strong for years.  

2 thoughts on “Motorhome

  1. Alice

    Hi Antonella. Thank you for the message. It made me happy both to get a message and to hear you think our camper is beautiful. I visited your space and liked the photos very much. Specially the nature which is so different from here. Wishing you all the best for a nice fall. ~ Alice 

  2. Antonella

    Hi I am Antonella. How beautiful the camper. I would like to take a trip in camper. Do make me feel free, is true?! A regard.


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