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Having Fun With The Ball


 Today we took the ball with us when we went down to the football ground and the lake.
The ball is so much fun.


Very often in the evenings when we are walking by the football ground there are kids playing football. Canelo usually wants to sit and watch them playing for a good while. One evening there were no one playing football but Elina was there with some friends of her all of them having their golden retrievers with them. I wanted him to stay and have a little bit fun with the puppies (all his age) but . . .  nope. He was so disappointed as there were no footballplayers so he didn’t want to stay ! !


Caravan 2006

Event for caravans
15.-17.9.2006 in Lahti Fair Centre

Already at first time in 2001, the event was the biggest caravan fair held in Finland alltogehter with over 200 motor homes, caravans and tents on display.

Today we went to Lahti to the Caravan 2006 exhibition. Oh my goodness . . . all the new motor homes were absolutely wonderful. Like five star hotels ! The driver’s seat and the instrument panel look like the cockpit in an airplane !

I hope our 18 year old one will keep going for some more years and then we will trade it to a more modern one.


Compared to this little thing, at the parking of the exhibition, I would say our motor home is comfortable.


It’s definitely just for one person as you can see. One seat, one bed. In the end of the

60’s the owner has made it all the way to Africa in this.

Scramble Weekend In Hyvinkää 16.9.2006

Canelo usually is not afraid of other dogs at all. On the contrary he is the one to start a “conversation”.

But this one he thought way to big and above all way toooo enthusiastic ! 

 My hubby loves the smell and the sound of the bikes. He never has been driving himself. Our son has and
still does sometimes. Canelo and I enjoyed ourselves strolling around as it was a bright and sunny, bit
chilly, nice day. I actually can enjoy myself mostly anywhere as long as I have my camera with me.
The drivers in the pictures, I must admit, I don’t know who they are.

Old Coffee-Pot

Browsing through my pictures I found this one. I got this cute old coffee-pot in Paris. My friends totally tooked me by surprise by buying this to me when visiting a flee market. But as they said . . . they just know how crazy I am about cats. I love this very much and I love my wonderful friends as well.

Rowan tree and berries

My friend Riitta with Emma and Canelo under the huge beautiful
rowan. Every time I drive by Emma’s I can’t but admire the tree.
Emma  is such a sweet girl and she is going to, with her family,
have a puppy of their own in two weeks.
There is an old saying about plenty of rowan berries and a cold winter. If it is true the
winter will be extremely cold as the trees are full of berries.

Weekend On The Road


600 km in 3 days ! We were testing the motorhome/camper this weekend. Friday evening

150 km, yesterday170 km and today 260 km. I thought I would never be able to drive the

car but to my surprise it was actually easy. I made the most of the driving today. Today

we made a trip to Tammisaari and Hanko



In Tammisaari we took a coffee brake. Canelo was happy to get

lunch and even more happy when all tree of us went for a walk.


Canelo and I climed all the steps up the hill with view.
There are so many beautiful old "Villas" in Hanko
The beach is empty.

At The Vet Again !

Again at the vet. For an other vaccination and
regular check up.The vet is nice and Canelo is
really feeling very comfortable with him.
Nice teeth Canelo. You’v done a good job brushing them
Good strong heartbeat too.

The Home At Home

At Home !

We thought we’d make just a short trip. It tourned out to be about 150 km ! Canelo was with us and we were happy to note it was like he’d been in a motorhome always. I had planned to shoot some really nice pictures with the sea in the background and also some beautiful colourful trees. But the rain was pouring down and didn’t stop, till we, on the way back, visited some very good friends of ours. Rose (not in the pict), who is a most lovely lady, brough us coffee and buns she’d made herself.



This is going to be our home on the road ! I truly ever never had thought
of having a "motorhome". Suddenly the idea hit that it could be nice. It
was not hard at all to get my husband interested in the idea. Actually he
bought the idea instantly. My goodness, here we are, in less than a
week, the car is going to be ours !


The car is, of course, an old one that has run already thousands of kilometers.

Cannot but hope and pray it will still be going strong for years.