Instant Inspiration/Timeless Wisdom

These words of wisdom were sent to me by my good friend Cla, from France, that I already known on “messenger” for about five years. 

Instant Inspiration/Timeless Wisdom




It is so easy to feel as if life is not worth living when we focus on what we do not have instead of being grateful for what we do have. It’s time to realise that to make life the exciting adventure that it is supposed to be we must learn to celebrate life.

You woke up this morning. Celebrate, many did not.

You have a job. Celebrate, many do not.

You can read and write. Celebrate, many cannot.

You have shoes. Celebrate, many do not.

You have someone who loves you. Celebrate, many feel totally unloved.

You have someone to love. Celebrate, many are lonely.

You have a roof over your head. Celebrate, many sleep in the streets.

You will have dinner tonight. Celebrate, many will go to bed hungry.

You have a warm bed. Celebrate, many do not.

You are alive. Celebrate, it is only by being alive that opportunities are discovered and dreams realised.

You are the creator of your destiny. Celebrate.

Just remember you cannot be happy while you are unhappy about not having the things that you think you need to make you happy. The only way to be happy is to be aware of all the things that you do have, to be grateful for having them and to celebrate your good fortune.

What else can you find to celebrate?

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