The Veteran Motorbike Club Visiting Trollberga Museum

Today I went with my husband and the Veteran Bikers to visit Trollberga Museum which is a Tractor
and Agricultural Museum.  This year it’s the museum’s 10 years anniversary. We used to live in "the
neighbourhood" for 15 years and it was so nice to "be back" there after already living away
from there for 17 years.
Many of the nice things there are things we also had at "home" when I was young.
E.g. both coffee tins marked with the X:s.
Actually we do have them still today as I got them from my mother over 40 years ago.
For the first time we had Canelo with us to this kind of event. At first he didn’t know what to think and
was a little bit confused but he got over it very soon and enjoyed himself by playing with a paper coffee
mug. He also had his first little bit of a barbecued sausage and of course it was delicious.
Canelo was a little bit shy when these two lovely children, Milla and Mattias, came and asked about his
name. I was happy to see that in just a few minutes he let them touch him and posed with them when I
took the picture. He is brave "my" little 3,5 months old dog 🙂

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