It was surprising to yesterday afternoon see a small seaplane parked at the dock down by the lake. It’s not a every day sight on “our” lake. Actually the very first time I’ve seen one here. It looked so nice. Imagine being able to land and for a moment sit on the dock and enjoy the warm, beautiful evening sun. Then take off and continue flying over beautiful lakes and fields. Yes, thank you, that I could definitely think of doing on a windless summer evening.

Small seaplane img_7156cc Small seaplane IMG_7159CC

Quismo 11 Years

Our adorable, gorgeous Bengal cat Quismo turned eleven on Friday 18th. We all kissed and hugged him and he had en extra meal of chicken. He loves chicken. We were very busy on Friday so I totally forgot to take pictures of him as I had planned to do. Love you Quismo <3
Our Bengal Cat Quismo IMG_4566COur Bengal Cat Quismo img_4569cc

The First Ripe Tomato

In the middle of May I bought a tomato plant. It’s years since I had tomato plants. At one point I had 10 plants. They gave plenty of tomatoes. We had tomatoes at every meal. In the end of the summer there still was so many green tomatoes that we had to pick them and take them indoor before the frost. Some of them we put on a tray to turn red and ripen. Of the rest of them my husband made pickled green tomatoes.

Tomatoes are cheap to buy in the summer time. Yesterday I bought plenty as they were only 0,99 euro / kilogram. So why grow plants? Well, because it’s so nice picking a shiny, red, sun  warm tomato from your own garden or your own patio. Also they taste better. Don’t they ? Perhaps I will have more plants than just one next summer.
Tomato img_7145cc

Tomato IMG_7150C

My Lilium Lollipop

Lilium Lollypop, Lily Lollipop IMG_7143CWOW! My Lily Lollipop (or is it Lollypop ? I see it written in both ways on the net. ) has two flowers on one stem. I was afraid there wouldn’t be any because of the lily beetle.

I read the plant profile for Lilium Lollypop. It says the stem is 60-70 cm, flower head size is large. Mines are very small. The stem is only about 15 cm. The flowers are smaller than the ones in my friend’s garden. I’m happy even with this baby size plant and flowers

I’m sure there will be more of them next summer. The plants will be strong standard height and the flowers  will be large.

Asiatic Lily ‘Lollipop’

Look how beautiful ! Yesterday on my evening walk with Canelo I walked by my friend’s house. Yes, it is the same woman who last summer gave me three to four plants of this beautiful lily. As she didn’t remember the name of the lily I thought it was a ‘Brazilian Hybrid Oriental Lily’. Now I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘Lollipop’.  We have become friends. Also because now she has a dog too. Anyway, she was in her garden and I asked if I could take some pictures of the lilies as mine are not yet in bloom. Oh yes, of course she said. I told her I’m not sure what’s wrong with mine. They are not as high as hers and have only a few flower buds. There were more of them but the lily bugs have destroyed them. She said they probably will grow into full height next year. I hope they will. I hope one of mine will flower also.
Asiatic Lily 'Lollipop' IMG_7070C Asiatic Lily 'Lollipop' img_7071cc Asiatic Lily 'Lollipop' IMG_7073C